Block generation through proof-of-burn. Even a Raspberry Pi can mine competitively, fast hardware offers no advantage.

Slimcoin is sufficiently different as to prompt conjecture that is was created by a long-standing member of the “cryptoscenti”. The Dcrypt hashing algorithm uses SHA2-256 as the main hashing algo but in such a way that makes it extremely ASIC/FPGA resistant. Built upon Bitcoin and Peercoin but unique in the fact that it is more energy-efficient, as both proof-of-burn and proof-of-stake blocks require minimal energy consumption. Proof-of-burn is made to be the energy efficient counterpart to proof-of-work with the added benefit of a much easier set-up and maintenance. Proof-of-burn eliminates the need for powerful hardware thus eliding the need for an ASIC implementation, making Slimcoin even more ASIC-proof.

The codebase has recently been updated to use later version of the Peercoin code.

In advance of the release of a VM-hosted Vagrant+Ansible scripted cross-compilation to Windows deployment script, a pre-compiled Windows binary is available:

In advance of the release of documentation for OS X compilation with brew + Xcode, a pair of pre-compiled OS X binaries are available (only tested against Sierra) with UPNP and QRCODE options enabled:

SLIMCoin-Qt-BSD4.8.dmg BSD 4.8 (legacy)

SLIMCoin-Qt.dmg BSD 6.1.2

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