Our charts and graphs are generated from the open source DOACC altcoin metadata collection. This section enables you to explore the dataset, pose queries of the dataset and consult formal definitions of the semantic meaning of the data.

Explore the DOACC dataset as Linked Open Data

The “Description Of A CryptoCurrency” (DOACC) project is a catalogue of altcoin metadata for a grand total of 2626 announced/described coins (as at 2015-11-30). The data recorded is listed below (all entries have values for the first five attributes):

name - the name of the coin
ticker - the stock ticker
protocol - the network protocol
protectionscheme - how the chain is protected
incept - YYYY-MM of announcement
date_founded - the date that the coin was announced
block_time - the block time in seconds
powscheme - the hashing scheme
block_reward - the block reward
reward_modifier - the reward halving/modification scheme
premine - the amount of any premine
total_coins - the total number of coins
retarget_time - the block target time
website - the coin’s web site
source - the location of the source code
posscheme - the type of PoS scheme used
confirmations - the number of confirmations recommended
maturation - the maturation time of newly-minted blocks
distributionscheme - the scheme by which the coin was distributed

What’s in the sections


A Linked Data browser, all the data is browsable via HTTP and is rendered neatly in HTML. Here is an example of the raw data:

    @prefix dc: <> .
    @prefix doacc: <> .
    @prefix rdfs: <> .
    @prefix skos: <> .
    doacc:D065850e9-9912-4983-9ac3-2ece19e55f32 a doacc:PoWscheme ;
        rdfs:label "scrypt-n-f"@en ;
        dc:description "Uses a fixed N-factor to avoid anticipated network issues"@en ;
        rdfs:isDefinedBy <> ;
        skos:prefLabel "scrypt-n-f"@en .


SPARQL is the query language used for interrogating the dataset. Minkiz provides a web-ui SPARQL endpoint for posing queries.

    PREFIX skos: <>
    SELECT ?node ?label WHERE 
    { ?node skos:prefLabel ?label . }
    LIMIT 5


OWL is the language for defining the meaning of the labels for the recorded metadata. The result is an ontology - ontologies for DOACC and CCY are here rendered in HTML for convenient consulting.

    doacc:Cryptocurrency a owl:Class ;
        rdfs:label "Kryptomena"@cs,
            "暗号通貨"@ja ;
        rdfs:comment "Kryptomena."@cs,
            "Ein Crypto-Währung."@de,
            "A cryptocurrency."@en,
            "Una cryptodivisa."@es,
            "Une crypto-monnaie."@fr,
            "暗号の通貨"@ja ;
        rdfs:isDefinedBy  ;
        ns:term_status "unstable" ;
        skos:prefLabel "Cryptocurrency"@en .


voID presents summary statistics about the metadata dataset itself.

        a                    void:Dataset ;
        void:classPartition  [ void:class     <> ;
                               void:entities  9
                             ] ;
        void:classPartition  [ void:class     <> ;
                               void:entities  85
                             ] ;
        void:classPartition  [ void:class     <> ;
                               void:entities  2626
                             ] ;
        void:classPartition  [ void:class     <> ;
                               void:entities  35
                             ] ;
        void:classPartition  [ void:class     <> ;
                               void:entities  39
                             ] ;
        void:classPartition  [ void:class     <> ;
                               void:entities  6
                             ] .


RPC-based block explorer


Minikiz’ installation of the Abe block explorer, supporting V.

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