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is-a ProtectionScheme


isDefinedBy doacc
prefLabel “poc” (en)
description “The peer nodes create the block using a method called Proof-of-Consensus, PoC. In the Proof-of-Consensus method the participating nodes form an agreement about the block. The consensus describes the main characteristics of the block such as i) Block header details, ii) List of ancestor blocks, iii) List of messages and transactions and iv) Cryptography hash of the header and block body. To ensure malicious nodes don’t compromise the process by colluding to stop block creation or create bogus blocks a) trustworthy nodes have a decisive role in the block creation process b) nodes are selected randomly to participate in the block creation process. From implementation viewpoint the block is a data object to store collated messages and transactions. Operation related information mainly transactions are permanently recorded in the GadgetCoin network through files called blocks. A block is a record of some or all of the most recent GadgetCoin transactions that have not yet been recorded in any prior blocks. In most of the cases new blocks are added to the end of the record, and once written, are never changed or removed. Each block memorizes what took place immediately before it was created. The system forms a peer node level private block-chain from the blocks. This block-chain is a Merkle tree to guaranty the accurate recording of transaction information. The peer node level private block-chain is persistently stored on the peer node device. To guaranty privacy the peer node level private block-chain isn’t exposed to the public network and it is accessible only to trusted peer nodes that audit transactions and account balances.” (en)

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